About me

Let me tell you a few things about me

S├ębastien Serra


I launched myself in a training to become a web developer in order to create new professional opportunities.

One discovery leading to another, I keep learning and harvesting knowledge...


Training to become a web developer

This training from home gave me a lot. I was able to build great foundations with practical projects. I learned the basis of some languages like: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL in order to build responsive websites using OOP and MVC architecture. I even tried my hands at Wordpress and some SEO.

What's next?

I essentially wish to join projects and teams where I can use all my skills and build on them. I'm interested in e-commerce websites, cyber security and looking to learn some frameworks like Symphony.

My centers of interest

To keep fit and in order to relax I like to go biking or to do some fitness. Whenever I can I go gardening or find a good book to read. I like the company of animals, especially cats and I enjoy most when I spend some quality time with my family.